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FreeStar Burner-DVD Software 2.0

It is a program that enables you to burn CDs and DVDs
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FreeStar Burner-DVD Software is a program that will let you burn files onto a recordable DVD (either a single- or double-layer disc). You can choose the size of the media to be recorded, and this program will indicate how much space is still left after burning the files you have chosen. The resulting disc will always be a data DVD, regardless of the type of files you select. Thus, this recording tool cannot be used to burn discs intended to be watched or listened to in standard DVD players. Besides, you have the possibility of creating an ISO file, which you can use to burn your DVD in other tools that accept ISO as a valid input format. (Note that this tool is not capable of reading ISO files.)

You will be able to sort the list of files to be recorded, and to add or delete other files and folders. You will also be able to set a label for the volume, as well as the target folder where the ISO image will be saved. FreeStar Burner-DVD’s interface can be customized by using any of the six themes that come bundled with the program, though they all look very similar.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It is fast


  • The interface seems to be prepared for not yet available features, like languages
  • The only way of closing the application is by using the Exit option inside the System menu
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